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Wait, what?

I’m still recovering from DragonCon.

Ok, that’s not entirely true. I’m still recovering from being around so many of my favorite people and now…not being around so many of my favorite people. Post con blues are real.

So what’s a girl to do?

Write, of course. Kacey and I are aiming to get Ally done over this month, which means it’s full steam ahead on that aggressive calendar of writing goals.

In other news, some more of those eight short stories I wrote this year are starting to hit the world. For instance, this one:

It’s chock full of more of the aliens that may or may not come to play in the Salvage System’s main line plot. My story, Chaos Undercover, starts with a bar fight, and ends in a jail. But…maybe not the way you think.

Speaking of Salvage’s main line plot, there’s another release for the universe this week, written by creator Kevin Steverson and the ever-fabulous Kacey Ezell: Salvage Mother.

Things are really heating up in the Salvage System’s many worlds and systems – and that’s not even considering the movie!

In the midst of all this writing and reading excitement, we’ve arrived in a place we’re “auditioning” for settling after our RV adventures. Being in one place for three weeks should be good for writing, good for exploring, and, fingers crossed, provide a lot of walking-the-beach time.

I can definitely do all of those things in the provided hours of that day, I’m sure.

Yep, you got it, it’s back to aggressive calendaring. I'm not one to schedule vacations, but in this case I'm blocking out hours for writing, hours for adventures, hours for fun, and then...more hours for writing. We'll see how it goes! It's all in service of getting more books done (hooray!) and figuring out a place to live, eventually (also hooray!).

What are the things you look for in a place (town/state/area of the country) to live? I have so many lists I could use some fresh perspective.

In the meantime, I’ll be trying to do all the things (which includes sleep. As DragonCon re-re-re-proved to me, I’m no longer able to spring up fully recovered after 3 hours of sleep…whewwwww.). Wish me luck, or maybe let me know your favorite nap stories...?

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