Live and/or in-person




Catching up with wonderful friends at this crazy fun con in Durham, NC! This year's focus is fantasy, and they have a fantabulous lineup. 




A weekend of incredible times full of virtual panels with amazing authors, artists, musicians, and fans!




Depending on the realities of 2021, a party with so many of my favorite fellow nerds in Atlanta, GA

Conversations and news

Keystroke Medium


Kacey and I had an awesome time telling stories, talking writing, pimping Assassin, and overall being super impressed by the ridiculously fun hosts.

Author Mechanics


I met Drew Avera at MarsCon, and he is as much of a delight as you'd expect from this conversation. In my defense (?) I kept interrupting him about things like tax fraud because of the flash fiction panel the night before, not because I'm obsessed with tax fraud or anything...(for real, IRS, it's cool)

Sci-Fi Shenanigans


We talked Pern, Assassin, science, and had an amazingly good time on this podcast. I've been hugely lucky in this podcast world, because all of the hosts have been absurdly hilarious/fun/nerdy and it's been all good times. 

Keystroke Medium

Curating Killer Anthologies - Kacey and I made our triumphant return (?) with the awesome folks at Keystroke Medium to talk anthologies and accidentally make dirty jokes...

KM 2019.JPG
Talk Bravely

Fanfiction and the business side of writing books - I joined the amazing Kerry Moll to talk writing, nerdery, and how I got into getting published (spoiler: it involves the famous Kacey Ezell...)

Super Geeked Up

Geeky improv, discussions about nerdery, and some deeply fun shenanigans - the SGU folks are fantastic, and so are their fans!

DC Power Hour

We talked Wonder Woman 1984, and then a whole lot of other nerd-related things. An absurdly fun time (like I wish the movie had been...alas...)!

Super Geeked Up

I got to join the guys - and the fans! - at SGU again, this time for a season finale full of - you guessed it: shenanigans! Also we decided my next book, an SGU exclusive...

Super Geeked Up

When I tell you I have so much fun on this show, I mean it. This one had the first reading from my SGU-exclusive novel and more than a few near-spit-takes. If you like nerdery + laughter, you'll enjoy this!

Super Geeked Up

This one's a little spicier. The triumphant return of Night Thong, a point where we laughed so hard we couldn't speak, some good old 'Whose Line is It Anyway' inspired credit-reading, and a lot of video game movies chats. Awesome, shenanigan-y times as always with a great crew!

Super Geeked Up

We had a lot of fun on Super Geeked Up, as always! The podcast hosts and their awesome fans make staying up waaaay past my bedtime a delight. Check it out if you like nerdery, shenanigans, and the literary triumph that is Night Thongs.

Blasters and Blades

Blasters and Blades is: Just a couple of nerdy Army veterans geeking out on things that go "abracadabra," "pew," "zoom," "boop-beep" and rhyme with Science Fiction & Fantasy. We talked short stories, sci fi faves, fantasy faves, general shenanigans, and because I got to be in person with one of the co-hosts, there maaaay have been some day-drinking.