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Other Short Stories

Whether they're built around a shared universe or a shared theme, anthologies give me a chance to try something new - and to do so alongside incredible authors. Each of these is full of terrific stories - and maybe a new author or two for you to check out!

Freehold resistance.PNG
Freehold Resistance
NEW STORIES IN THE BEST-SELLING FREEHOLD SERIES, CREATED BY MICHAEL Z. WILLIAMSON. Featuring all-new stories by Larry Correia, Michael Z. Williamson, Brad R. Torgersen, Mike Massa, Kacey Ezell, Marisa Wolf and more!

When the UN invaded the Freehold of Grainne, the intent was simple: Force a non-compliant star nation back into the collective.

But Grainne and its space habitats have resources beyond measure. Retired intelligence agents, disabled veterans, animal handlers, petty smugglers, half-lame computer specialists, research scientists, planetary engineers, all have one goal in mind: Make the invaders suffer for their presumption.
We Dare


As long as humans have competed with each other, people have looked for ways to get an edge on the competition. With better science and technology, many things are now possible, and there will be many more in the future! Gene splicing will augment your abilities. Implants will make you smarter. Cybernetic systems will make you stronger.

Edited by Jamie Ibson and Chris Kennedy, “We Dare” is a collection of 15 all-new stories that explores the use of augmented humanity in the near future.

But just because we can augment humanity doesn’t necessarily mean we should, and there are cautionary tales inside as well. Along with the “good” that might be possible, there is also the potential for augmentation to be used for more…nefarious…ends. Will augmentation make better criminals? What happens when someone with implants has their mind taken over?

We Dare Semper Paratus cover.jpg
We Dare: Semper Paratus


The apocalypse is coming! Civilizations rise and civilizations fall…but are you ready for it to happen to you? How will you survive and thrive in the event of an apocalypse?

Edited by Jamie Ibson and Chris Kennedy, “We Dare: Semper Paratus” explores the apocalypse and what happens next—from surviving the fall to getting through those first perilous days, to learning how to adapt and survive in the new world survivors find themselves in.

What happens when the nations of Earth fall to a nuclear war, and you’re trapped between the combatants on Mars? What if you need to cross a continent to get to the only safe place? How do you survive living in a Fallen World?

One thing is certain—like every civilization before ours, at some point, ours will fall. Our authors have dared to look at every type of apocalypse from nuclear war to shadow monsters to darkness falling, and they are ready for the end of the world…are you prepared as well?

We Dare No Mans Land cover.jpg
We Dare: No Man's Land

Ripley facing down the Xenomorph Queen. Sarah Connor fighting the Terminator. David Weber’s Honor Harrington. Science fiction novels and the silver screen are full of badass women kicking butt and taking names. Sometimes it’s the momma bear persona stepping up to defend her young, but, other times, she’s just the meanest one standing—bionic arm or not!

Edited by Jamie Ibson and Chris Kennedy, “We Dare: No Man’s Land” is a collection of 15 all-new stories with female leads. Whether it’s changing an engine on the outside of a spaceship’s hull or chasing SimNACs through the jungle, these heroines have only one goal in mind—to win at all costs! From defending asteroid bases to searching giant space stations, these women get the job done!

What makes female leads great? Does it matter—these women are incredible! Be warned though—they may be referred to as the “fairer” sex, but don’t cross these ladies, or you’re gonna get what you have coming! The authors dared write about these awesome women; will you dare to join them on their adventures? If so, step inside. But beware…this is No Man’s Land!

flights of fantasy cover.jpg
Flights of Fantasy

Do you believe in hidden worlds…and romance? “Flights of Fantasy” proves that love always deserves a happy ending…no matter what species you are!

Come along as the incarnation of Death tries to negotiate life as a high school senior, a shape-shifting centaur tries to do the right thing, and a valkyrie tries to guard her boss…who just happens to be a phoenix!

With characters who find love at the circus, or learn their boyfriend is now a werewolf, or who have to deal with the man of their dreams being turned into a vampire in front of their eyes, “Flights of Fantasy” delivers romance to strike every reader’s fancy…and fantasy.

Like a flight of food or beverages, “Flights of Fantasy” has a variety of short stories from talented authors you know and love, as well as some others you may not know—yet. Take a look and find a new hidden world to love!

Sha'daa Toys.jpg
Sha'Daa: Toys

The mother of all apocalypses, The Sha’Daa, is back!


The mysterious Johnny the Salesman is up to his usual eldritch tricks and his latest ally, the immortal toy seller Willy Carroll, just might have the answer to saving planet Earth from destruction if he can sell enough supernatural toys at Whirligigs toy store in Chicago to turn the tide against evil.


Twenty-six authors of the macabre offer up twenty-two gruesome tales of supernatural toys in this delightful shared-world adventure.

Area 51 cover.PNG
Storming Area 51


Thirty-five awesome stories - one kick ass meme that started it all.

It started as a joke. Storm Area 51 they said. They can't stop all of us they said. But all laughter stopped when the U.S. Air Force mobilized the reserves and pulled out the big guns.

However, relentless mockery and derision by the media and the powers that be pushed the weebs and alien enthusiasts too far. What else were they supposed to do? They put on their big girl panties and showed up, determined to find out exactly what secrets were hidden behind the walls of the clandestine government facility.



One fantastic sci-fi universe, where the only limit is one’s imagination. Welcome to Starflight.

Based on the exploration-based Starflight video game series created by Greg Johnson and the Binary Systems team, the stories in Tales From the Starport Lounge flesh out and shine a light into the darkest corners of the known universe. Join the last vestiges of Humanity and their alien allies (the reptilian Thrynn, the insectoid Velox, and the plant-based Elowan) as they attempt to carve out their own territory in a sector of space filled with wondrous opportunity and deadly threats. Brave explorers seek out new worlds to colonize while merchants cruise from starport to starport, their holds laden with exotic goods.

Not all in this futuristic setting have noble intent. For every prospector and trader attempting to make a difference, a dozen pirates, smugglers, and mobsters engage in all manner of criminal enterprise. Gangs fill the underbellies of every major city and raid the trade routes between the stars, pushing the outnumbered and outgunned Interstel Police to their limit and forcing civilians to take matters into their own hands. It’s a rough and tumble universe, where one wrong move could spell doom for an expedition, or grant enough wealth to buy a planet.

Board your ship and set course for stars unknown! The universe awaits.

onward liberty con with author names.jpg
Onward, Libertycon!


From their very first convention, LibertyCon and the volunteers who run it have been a breed apart. Every year, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, it attracts the best of the best science fiction and fantasy authors, scientists, artists, and fans. Woods Publishing invites you to join us for an anthology of all-new fiction by fifteen very talented authors.

Featuring a new Honorverse story by David Weber and stories by best-selling authors, Eric Flint, Kevin J. Anderson, Travis S. Taylor, D.J. Butler, and more!

Onward, LibertyCon! is a must for any fan of this convention. For those who haven’t attended this convention, I ask: What are you waiting for?

Chicks in tank tops.jpg
Chicks in Tank Tops


Featuring all-new stories inspired by the classic Chicks in Chainmail series! 

A boy and his dog. A girl and her tank. Tropes have been with us throughout all of history. Any girl would gladly trade in her skimpy armor for a tank. While a little bit of chainmail can take a chick far, heavy armor can take one even further. 

Besides, what’s not to love about Chicks in Tank Tops? From pure near-future military science fiction to Pride and Prejudice with zombies, AI tanks, and true love!

All-new stories by: Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, David Drake, Jody Lynn Nye, Kevin Ikenberry, Esther Friesner, Joelle Presby, Robert E. Hampson, A.C. Haskins, Lydia Sherrer & David Sherrer, G. Scott Huggins, Philip Wohlrab, Marisa Wolf, and Jason Cordova & Ashley Prior.

Tales of Monstrosity

Part of The Crossing Genres Anthology Collection


Dive into the world of the unknown and explore the monsters lurking in the shadows with Tales of Monstrosity: Monsters, Myths, and Miscreants. This anthology features a diverse group of award-winning veteran and emerging authors challenged to break away from the usual vampire and werewolf tales and bring to light lesser known myths and legends. From gnomes to gorgons, gargoyles to El Cucuy, these stories run the gamut of genres, from urban fantasy to horror and beyond. As a bonus, enjoy the behind-the-scenes peek at the creative process through personal author articles. Don't miss this monstrously fun collection of unique and twisted tales.


Special foreword written by Bram Stoker Award winner Tim Waggoner.


"El Cucuy" by Scott A. Johnson

"Gore Vellye (The Autumn Tumult)" by Anne C. Lynch

"Prey Animals" by Sen R.L. Scherb

"The Devil and Scott" by W.H. Horner

"A Thing of Hope" by Carrie Gessner

"Gnomies" by Kevin Plybon

"Don't Feed the Troll" by Katharine Dow

"Don't Lose Your Head" by Victoria L. Scott

"Eyes Like Burning Coal" by Jeremiah Dylan Cook

"Magicland Mischief" by J.C. Mastro

"Ghouly Girl" by Sophia DeSensi

"Worst Vacation Ever" by Jeannie Rivera

"The Brazen Skull" by Michael La Ronn

"Rebel with a Cause" by Marx Pyle

"An Old Favor" by Marisa Wolf

"The Adventures of Elena and Ned, Gargoyle P.I." by Jeff Burns

"The Greatest of All Time" by Francis Fernandez

"Hexpad Blog: A First-Timer's Guide to the Big City" by Colten Fisher

"The Tiger's Gift" by G.K. White

Thirteen Stories of Horror: Volume 1

Thirteen tales of Horror, perfect for a dark and stormy Friday the 13th…or a sunny Tuesday afternoon.

From science fiction to classic European horror, interwoven with layers of creep factor, gore, and mystery that will keep you turning the page…and looking over your shoulder.

So, light the candles, stir the cauldron, and check your ammo count, because things are about to get dark!

by Marisa Wolf (Author), Nick Steverson (Author), Christopher Woods (Author), Dan Bridgwater (Author), H.Y. Gregor (Author), Kevin Ikenberry (Author), Marie Whittaker (Author), Mark Wandrey (Author), Rob Howell (Author), Matt Novotny (Author)

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