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Find more fabulousity below.

Between Lost and Found - page of Kacey Ezell, incredibly talented co-author of Assassin and a LOT of other genre-fluid amazingness

Chris Kennedy Publishing - multiple imprints, an ever-climbing number of fantastic books, and a challenge to any to-be-read-pile, as the goodness never stops: 


The Four Horsemen Universe TV Tropes - be prepared to sink into a timesuck of epic proportions

The Four Horsemen Universe Wiki - a work in progress, and already fantastic

Keystroke Medium - podcast hosted by hilarious/smart/cool dudes, covering reading/writing/everything in between

Sci-Fi Shenanigans - podcast where it's all in the title - incredibly fun hosts, much science/sci-fi, many shenanigans, wow!

Author Mechanics - interviews with authors, by author Drew Avera. You know what, check out his website too, cause the man can WRITE.

Chris Kennedy Publishing YouTube Channel - a channel devoted to all things CKP. Author interviews, Book Launches and more. 

My YouTube Channel - shenanigans on and off the page.

The Four Horseman Universe Challenge Coin Kickstarter - do you like cool things? Stretch goals? Prizes? Being a part of something amaaazing? Join us here. 

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