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On the road again

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

It’s spring, and con season, so we’re on the move again.

We had an amazing time in Louisiana – though it went by way too fast and we didn’t get to do half of what we meant to (or see nearly all the people we wanted to see!), so good thing we’re planning on heading back that way before too long.

And before we left, we made sure to sneak in one last adventure:

That’s right – beach and treasure time! Jeremy was spared, and I hung out with people much more enthusiastic about beachcombing than my (otherwise awesome) husband. Which really worked out because see that picture up there, where it looks like a lot of sand? Yeah. Not sand. Enormous shell piles. ENORMOUS! We could have been there four more hours and I wouldn’t have been sad or poked through half of it. I have the best family.

Also there were people camping in their RVs right on the beach, so that’s a future goal, now. Although, to be fair…if we put the camper on the beach, it would likely result in our home on wheels being so loaded down with beach treasures that we’d never make it back off the sand….

So the day after the beach extravaganza, we hit the road. Because we’re heading up for FantaSci (March 25-27 in Raleigh-Durham NC), we don’t have time for super long stops. Instead we did a quick two-nighter in Alabama at a sweet little county park off a lake:

If you're ever in Bay Minette, AL, check out Live Oak Landing - super cute, easy to get to, and, as advertised: plenty of live oaks!

We were meant to do a two-nighter in Georgia too, but the goats and snapping turtles insisted we stay (just kidding, the weather decided us on an extra night here). These are definitely parks we’d love to come back to again. Also, Perry is an adorable town with a fabulous old fashioned soda shop (technically, so old fashioned it's a shoppe).

Next we have a slightly longer stay on the NC/SC border to visit family, and then it’s off to FantaSci.

Are you able to make it to any cons this year? I’d love to hear about your favorites! If you’re joining us at FantaSci next week, you’ll find me hanging outside on the verandah, or in these fabulous panels (subject to change, definitely use the con’s schedule as final word):


3:00 – Out of the Hat

4:00 – Alien Archaeology

5:00 – Women as Soldiers

7:00 – Stress and how we manage it as creatives

8:00 – Swearing in Sci-Fi


3:00 – not me, but a special appearance by my fabulous husband at the husband edition of Care & Feeding of Authors)

4:00 – Cats in Science Fiction & Fantasy

7:00 – 9:00 – 4HU Dining Out

Somewhere in there I’m going to keep writing Salt in the Wound, which I’m planning on turning in before summer, and also I’m going to keep basking in this beautiful spring weather while it lasts.

How’s your spring going?

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