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It's convention season, and I don't know what to do with myself. Given all the everything of 2021, cons are still a mix of in person/virtual/we're-still-in-wait-and-see-mode, all of which makes total sense. I'm so grateful for all the brilliant folks trying to navigate this bonkers situation for and with us.

I have my first in-person experience coming up NEXT WEEK (what? whaaaat?!), and I'm all over the place about it. Like, do I remember how to talk to people in real life? Can I handle being around a group of people for any sustained time? Am I feral?

Mostly I'm excited to see so many people that I love, and have missed, and who will stay up until ungodly hours talking nerd nonsense with me. Maybe we'll plot new books! Anything can happen!

I'm also nervous I no longer have social skills (not going to lie to you here, they were hit or miss to begin with), and already missing the people who won't be there, and a little worried about how everything will play out.

I'm feeling a lot of feelings. Have I mentioned how I deal with that?

Thankfully we've had technology over the last year and change that's given us some great connections. So however feral/awkward I might be next week, at least I know somewhere that my brain is able to still talk nerdery.

We've had great virtual conventions along the way, with more coming, and I've been so lucky to do really great panels with ridiculously cool people. Given what that's meant for accessibility + affordability, I hope some sort of hybrid con approach survives into the future. Zoom will be even more fun when it's an option not a requirement, whew.

Virtual or in-person, for me cons are about community. No matter how much wonkiness goes along with re-entry next week, I'll be around some of my favorite people. That's always been a huge draw of cons for me - being surrounded by fellow geeks, doing geeky things, coming out both exhausted and deeply re-energized.

For those of you in the Raliegh-Durham area next week, here's my FantaSci schedule:

Fri 12pm Educated Writing, Main Room

Fri 1pm Soundwaves, Rose Room

Fri 2pm The 4HU: the future, Main Rook

Sat 6pm 4HU Dining Out

at other times I'll likely be found sitting outside in the shade or heckling -- um, cheering other panels!

Excited to see you if I can, and if not, you can always reach me here!

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Tom Coonradt
Tom Coonradt
May 14, 2021

Should join us for the Merc guild awards ceremony Saturday morning.

Marisa Wolf
Marisa Wolf
May 14, 2021
Replying to

Yesss - so looking forward to cheering for all the awesome folks!!

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