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Late post, early reveal

We're back at the beach for a few days, and I'm trying to soak up all the time at the ocean. How can I not, when it's showing off like this?

I'm also working to get allllllllll the writing done. Ally is turned in (hooray! more on that below), and I'm aiming to get both Salt in the Wound for Fallen World and my surprise Hit World project with Bill Webb done by the end of the year. That will free me up to get my own secret-project-universe-situation done before...too late into 2022? (I don't want to talk about the vagaries of time again, but for real HOW is it nearly 2022 already? That sounds made up.)

After spending nearly a week with so many of my favorite people at the inaugural FactoryCon, I have a few more projects and ALL the motivation/energy, so balancing beach + writing shouldn't be as tricksy at it might be otherwise.

Speaking of not-tricksy, here are some pictures of this morning's adventure (note: includes no-longer-living-creatures, as there were quite a few today):

I also have a bag full of treasures soaking, because of course I do, though no new shark teeth. Alas!

But what I don't have in shark teeth, I DO have in cover reveals. Remember above I said Kacey and I had turned in Ally? Well! We've been rewarded with the following:

What do you think?? I love it - especially because that is absolutely the green of a planet that wants only to kill everything. Which makes it, of course, Khatash. As you may remember, Assassin, Hunter, and Negotiation all had a Hunter-shaped-shadow on the cover. I am so thrilled to keep that going, and so grateful to Chris Kennedy, CKP and the incredible artists they employ.

I heard a rumor we might have a release date soon, so stay tuned - and if you haven't already, consider joining my mailing list. The folks there got the very first sneak peek at the book last week. Hope your fall going wonderfully!

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