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Best Laid Plans

I set myself a challenge. And the universe laughed.

I mentioned it in the last post - write + be active every day. I got off to a strong start! There was much rejoicing! Even in learning more about our new campground workamping life, I still got some writing done!

And then: the plague.

And then: computer shenanigans of the decidedly un-fun kind.

The end result is: I've been the absolute bare minimum of active, and oh also every word I wrote in April is gone.

So. I gave myself a day and a half to whine about the whole lost words (and they are, well and truly, lost. My knack for implausible and yet sadly possible computer issues remains), started going on hilly walks again, and am slowly but surely (re)writing things.

Also I may have eaten an entire pizza in one sitting.

Details. What's your go-to recovery-from-bad-times move? Mine is clearly designated time to complain and eat comfort food before pulling up my big girl pants and getting back to work. I'm always up for new ideas, though!

In other (much happier!) news, we're getting closer to the launch of Hit World: Valkyries. Next week's newsletter will have reveal #1, so if you're not signed up you might consider joining us.

Valkyries reveal #2 will be 'getting to know you' author interviews. Some of these will be in text format, and some will be videos - all of them will be fun times.

I got the interview idea from Rob Howell (a scholar, a gentleman, a Valkyries author!), and developed the questions with ideas from the authors and members of my mailing list.

What will you learn about the fabulous folks? Something along these lines:

  • What do you write and why do you write it?

  • What do you want people to know about your stories?

  • What book do you love to recommend or are you super into right now?

  • In Hit World, everyone has a knack or talent that just might be magical. What’s yours?

  • What’s your theme song?

  • What’s your go-to game night choice?

  • What sitcom would you star in?

  • What is/are your favorite treat(s)?

  • Team Beach or Team mountains?

  • What are your favorite pizza toppings?

  • What fictional character would you choose as a mentor?

  • Are you a morning or night person?

  • How would you introduce your Valkyrie?

  • Three words that describe your Valkyrie:

  • What inspired the development of your character and/or the plot of your story?

  • What actor(s) would be perfect to play one of your characters?

  • What's your favorite thing about Hit World, your Valkyrie, or badass ladies in general?

Plus sure-to-be-bonus material as they (or, to be fair, I) go off on fun tangents.

We are who we are. I'm as excited for you to meet and/or learn more about the Valkyries authors as I am for you to meet the Valkyries themselves. Both fictional and real life folks are absolute delights, so good times ahead!

I mean, definitely better than the last few weeks, at the very least...

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