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Thirteen incredible authors. Thirteen stories about the Depik—what they were and where their society goes from here!

It’s the Twenty-Second Century. Humanity has taken its first steps into the galaxy, and we’ve found ourselves in a vast playground of alien races, environments, and cultures. As the newest players on the universal stage, though, our position is readily apparent—we’re at the bottom of the food chain. But we’ve found new allies.

The Depik are feared across the galaxy as the ultimate assassins, but when an attack on their home world devastates their society, the survivors are scattered across the galaxy. As humanity helps bring their civilization back together, though, how do the remaining Depik adults put their society back together and teach the young kits and kitas about what was lost?

Stories. Not only are stories told to educate, but also to help the young Depik make sense of their place in a galaxy that is so much bigger than they are. Enter now the world of the assassin, as these peerless killers decide how to make their way forward, and thirteen amazing authors imagine the paths these Hunters will take.

With stories by:
Jody Lynn Nye
Jonathan P. Brazee
D.J. Butler
Mark Wandrey
Terry Mixon
Kevin Ikenberry
Kevin Steverson
Jamie Ibson
Jon R. Osborne
Joseph Capdepon II
Casey Moores
Kacey Ezell
Marisa Wolf

Reviewers for Marisa's books are saying: 

"Holy F@%! that was powerful."

"I broke my composure at 30,000 feet."


"The story, the characters, the emotional affect is deep and lasting. You will enjoy having this in your collection. I did not want to set it down once i started reading it. I cried more than once."



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