Within the Galactic Union, few entities are as powerful—or as feared—as the Mercenary Guild. They have absolute power; after all, they are the ones with the weapons. The only other armed agency, the Peacemaker Guild, is far smaller and unable to bend them to their will. But absolute power has the tendency to corrupt absolutely, and this is becoming increasingly apparent as the guild’s members pursue their hidden agendas.

Leeto, the Merc Guild’s Speaker, and the Veetanho General Peepo are no different than the rank and file. They will use any means necessary—within the law or not—to accomplish their goal of destroying humanity. With the invasion of Earth already complete, a single compliant Hunter could be the Guild’s perfect weapon to finally accomplish their goals.

Except that Hunters aren’t known for their compliance.

Sparks are sure to fly as the unstoppable force of the Mercenary Guild comes up against the immovable object that is the will of the galaxy’s deadliest assassins. Guns in the light battle knives in the dark as the Mercenary Guild takes on the Depik Hunters, and only one will emerge victorious. Who will survive to kill another day?

Reviewers for Hunter are saying: 

"Holy F@%! that was powerful."

"I broke my composure at 30,000 feet."


"The story, the characters, the emotional affect is deep and lasting. You will enjoy having this in your collection. I did not want to set it down once i started reading it. I cried more than once."


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