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Wild rides...

Remember how earlier this year I said I had some of the most productive writing time I'd ever had?

I mean...yeah. Part of that really paid off this last month and a half or so.

Three releases! Three!!

It's a scifi/fantasy sandwich.

In The Lyons' Pride, you follow a guy (the Lyon) over some 50+ years - as he goes from restaurant owner to mercenary to bar owner/spy to ???? Also, somewhere in there you can virtually pinpoint the moment the Lumar became one of my favorite 4HU races.

And maybe you can see where both authors got a little misty-eyed...

In The Valkyries Initiative you'll get a ton of different pieces of the Hit World Universe - urban fantasy/genre gumbo (genre gumbo courtesy of the fabulous Rob Howell) - and meet 15 new characters who may get tapped for the Valkyries. These stories range from hilarious to heartbreaking -- several pull off a bit of both -- and each one introduces a protagonist who is a delight to get to know. On the page, at least -- in real life, some of them might not be ladies you want to meet in a dark alley...

Fun fact - Bryn, my Valkyrie, is a few levels snarkier than I originally planned. I wrote 2/3 of her story, then lost it to a completely ridiculous MS Word issue...and had to rewrite it fairly quickly.

Snark ensued. Bright side, so did the observations scattered through the rest of the anthology. Let me know what you think -- she might have a few more rounds of observation and analysis in her future...

And then, as of last week, there's World Enders.

Oh my goodness, I had so much fun writing this one with Chris Kennedy. He made me laugh out loud way more than once, and I think I managed to return the favor a few times. Also...our main character came from what was essentially a dare from the 4HU fan page. Chris #challengeaccepted that bad boy, and the result is Tald. Who I love.

And so we tortured him a bit. Maybe more than a bit. You be the judge.

Also fun fact - there's a red shirt character in there who had several of my favorite lines in the book. I definitely hope we see a whole lot more of the World Enders crew in the near-ish future - unless, of course...the world ends.

This book also delivered one of my favorite reviews to date. ""[E]xperiencing the changes to Tald’s character throughout shines a clear light on their genius in character development and creative story telling."

I....I just....

I love it.

It's been pretty dang awesome to have three projects I'm so proud of go from in-process to out in the world. I've celebrated by...passing in another short story, and nearly finishing a second one. Also by outlining a novel...

I mean, don't get me wrong, I've also celebrated by not writing at all here and there...Ahem.

Ok, so we won't have another 3-releases-in-6-weeks kind of stretch any time soon. But still, as always - progress is progress.

And progress progresses...

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