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Updated: Feb 21, 2018

Kickoff time!

I've been writing since I was at least six (and have the laminated adventures of Sarah and the Idaho Potatoes* to prove it), but despite numerous NaNoWriMo** attempts, countless half-started ideas, and years worth of fanfiction stories, it took me until 2017 to finish something publishable.

Turns out that finishing is a key step in that whole publishing thing. Details.

In 2017 I finished a handful of short stories and one co-written novel, so momentum is real, and my self-peptalks are working. Almost all of the time!

One short story is already out in the world, and ahead at least one more will join it, along with that novel (Assassin: Feb 23).

Which means more writing - here, and huddled up with Scrivener trying to turn my by-the-pants plotting into something slightly more organized. Will it work? Stay tuned here to find out...

*no, I have no idea why I was temporarily obsessed with Idaho potatoes. But Sarah's sidekick was a giant dog, and there was a six-year-old-got-bored-sudden ending, so now you know the important parts.

**Completed NaNo twice, but the stories were...incomplete (ahem. Nonsensical?). Part of Assassin was drafted during NaNo 2017 though, so success there!

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