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Valkyries incoming

We're getting closer...

Have you seen this amazingness yet? This is the official logo for Hit World: Valkyries, which is coming together. We have so many fun things in store, and we're kicking off with author interviews.

These are a collection of semi-random questions that will serve to either introduce you to our fabulous first round of Valkyries authors, or get to know them better (in a semi-random way). Questions range from rapid-fire preferences to philosophical why-you-write to more about each author's Valkyrie.

The authors chose a video or email format for their answers, and so you'll catch the print ones here, and the video ones on the braaaaaand new CKP YouTube page!

Earlier this week, the immeasurably talented Rob Howell had 1) a book birthday with the Eldros Legacy's newest release, Door into Winter, and 2) served as the brave inaugural Valkyries author interview.

This second point is only fair, since the author interview is something I stole from him! Also, he's not only the first Valkyries author interivew, he's also the very first video on that brandspankingnew CKP Youtube Channel!

Check it out here, and let us know what you think! Also, you may want to go ahead an subscribe to the CKP page...there's a whole lotta stuff coming from the factory floor.

In the meantime - here's your first print interview for Valkyries - and it's me!

Interview with Marisa Wolf, that Valkyries author:

  • What do you write and why do you write it?

All the various corners of science fiction and fantasy, because 1) I am a giant nerd and I love the entire spectrum of speculative fiction and 2) I am obsessed with 'what if' and the endless playgrounds that question gives me.

  • What do you want people to know about your stories?

I spent a whole lot of time in fanfiction, so character development is my go to. I want you to fall in love with my characters (or want to strangle them because they are so frustratingly real, sometimes one/the other/both), and for you to be entertained. There may be aliens or magic (or, again, both) that are wildly outside our normal lives, but at the end of the day I want you, the reader, to forget these characters aren't fully realized people.

  • What book do you love to recommend or are you super into right now?

Limiting myself to one is torture, and I imposed this rule on myself, soooo: Deadly Education by Naomi Novik. I read it in one sitting, the first two books are out and the third is due out this fall. Obsessed!

  • In Hit World, everyone has a knack or talent that just might be magical. What’s yours? Apparently sensing interdimensional intrusions because I can trip on literally nothing. I do have a black belt in Tae Kwon do, and yet never get more coordinated. There has to be something there...

Speed round

  • What’s your theme song? Raise your Glass, by Pink

  • What’s your go-to game night choice? Munchkin! (my husband haaaaates it)

  • What sitcom would you star in? Shenanigans! (the exclamation point is definitely key)

  • What is/are your favorite treat(s)? Cheeeeese! Also eclairs.

  • Team Beach or Team mountains? Oh man, beaches forever. But also mountains. So.

  • What are your favorite pizza toppings? Cheese, see above. Mushrooms, italian sausage, green pepper. SO. GOOD.

  • What fictional character would you choose as a mentor? Leia.

  • Are you a morning or night person? Permanently exhausted pigeon. Also probably night. Especially if I'm reading.

About your Valyrie:

  • How would you introduce your Valkyrie? Bryn is terrifyingly good at her job and sometimes not very good at life.

  • Three words that describe your Valkyrie: Irreverent. Impulsive. Sociable.

  • What inspired the development of your character and/or the plot of your story? I needed someone to play off Cynthia Witherbot, who would completely infuriate Cynthia, but whom Cynthia nonetheless respected. I also needed her to be different than Dahlia, who I wrote in the You Pay We Slay anthology and who is, technically, my first Valkyrie. ;)

  • What actor(s) would be perfect to play one of your characters? Emma Stone would really pull off Bryn's sass.

  • What's your favorite thing about Hit World, your Valkyrie, or badass ladies in general? Oh man - the "anything goes"-ness of Hit World is so, so, SO much fun to play in. Also with badass ladies...I love writing them to be entire people. Not just Man With Boob(s). Not just stoic hardass. But all around people who are fun to write, hopefully fun to read...even if it's not particularly fun for them in-character (because oops their suffering is delightful?).

So that's it! One video interview and one written one for you for the week. What are you looking forward to - either in getting to know who the authors are, or for the Valkyries Initiative?

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