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We had a storm come through this past weekend, and the waves were all over the place in answer. I appreciated the heck out of that because 1) pretty, and 2) same, waves, same. This may or may not be a huge reveal about me: I tend to overcommit.

I have an idealized version of what I can get done, and because I am also hugely motivated by deadlines and perhaps also slightly over-used to the adrenaline bursts of getting a ton done in a small amount of time and staying way too busy…it can get messy.

If you’ve been around here for a bit, you’ve heard about my aggressive calendars, various goal setting adventures, and evolving ways I try to keep myself organized to get everything done in a semi-timely manner.

Sometimes I’m successful, and sometimes it gets to be…a little all over the place. With that said, I would also like to point out that time makes no actual sense. At least my perception of time doesn’t. Parts of 2020 felt like they lasted for 84 years. As for’s the middle of October? Right now? Somehow?

Did I blink?

I swear time used to have meaning, but lately...It's not just me, right? Time is bananas?

At any rate, this particular time of this particular year having charged on through means deadlines for several fun projects are crowding close. Kacey and I are in that final homestretch of a book where it feels like the finish line keeps scooting backward no matter how hard you move toward it. I’m behind where I want to be for Salt in the Wound, but progress is…progressing.

Right behind these two, I have a small project for a writing seminar I’ll be attending and an anthology to mastermind, and then a very cool something with the fabulous Bill Webb that’s going to kick in to high gear pretty soon there and…

Yeep. Overcommitted. But with such cool stuff! I can’t imagine saying no to any of it, and to be fair it’s all more than possible to do if I…stay organized.

I can’t tell you how much of my life has centered on that refrain. I have a dream that if I find the Perfect Schedule and stick to it, my days will be more like this version of the ocean

Still moving, but a whole lot calmer.

Probably what I need to keep reminding myself is: it’s going to be both versions of the ocean: stormy and smooth. Sometimes unexpectedly. So my message to myself these days – and to anyone else it might be helpful for – is: fasten life vests and all other flotation devices and get ready. It might be bumpy, but it’ll certainly be a ride.

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