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The Big Reveal(s)

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Jeremy and I have officially been in the RV either one full year, or one full month, depending on your unit of measure. We hit the road 1 August 2020, but then were off the road for winter, and made our triumphant return at the end of June/beginning of July.

Part of why we moved out of the trailer for the winter was to give Jeremy room to renovate it. As you may know, we bought a trailer last year, having never stayed in/operated/used an RV before.

Rookies. Luckily, my brother-in-law was selling his fifth wheel, and we nabbed it because it was a great price, gave us plenty of room to live in, and was an incredibly well built older model.

Unfortunately, because it was an older RV the interior was 15 different shades of brown that didn't go together - including the original, 13-year-old, carpet. The camper had been sitting for a while and apparently every ladybug within a 100 mile radius had gone there to die...and brought several of their wasp friends.

Insect self-sacrifices not pictured.

We (my wonderful, handy, clever husband) spent the winter and spring renovating the interior of the RV. As with any renovation, there were surprises and detours and additional projects (so, yeah, sounds like Marisa-writing-a-story, ahem) along the way, but he did an incredible job.

He ripped out one of the bunks to build me an office for all my writing + conference call needs. I still have some decorating to do, but he really rocked it.

Before mini-slideshow:

After mini-slideshow:

He reused a ton of materials, from the camper itself and from furniture our neighbors threw away (those lumber prices skyrocketed but again: Jeremy is extra good at repurposing).

The image below is the partially upholstered ottoman he built from scrap wood, because also in the spirit of reusing things, we're using the curtains that we bought for our winter stay as the fabric, so we couldn't upholster it until we hit the road.

He also built an adjustable weight bench that collapses to fit inside the ottoman. Although I haven't seen him use it yet...

Because we moved our full sized couch into the RV, we didn't have enough room for a dinette with 4 chairs so Jeremy built a storage bench and table to replace it.

The pantry that was in the trailer was less than efficient - it had three deep cubby holes that required you to take everything out of them to find the one thing you were looking for. So Jeremy used salvaged drawers and slides to make a much more functional pantry.

Last but not least here are some more images of the finished (never finished) renovation, including the kitchen and bedroom. Not professionally staged, but showing all the hard work Jeremy put into our home on the road. I hope you enjoy them.

Speaking of big reveals...did you see my latest announcement on Facebook this week? Bill Webb and Larry Hoy have this incredibly fun universe, Hit World, that you may have heard me talk about before.

Assassination is totally legal if you pay the right price to the right people, and oh, also? The world is not as people think it is. Magic is real, other dimensions open into our own, and everything gets very messy in the absolute best way (for readers. Not necessarily for the characters).

Into this fabulous universe charges...ME! Bill and Larry are entrusting me with a corner of this amazingness, and we are going to have so. much. fun.

2022: Hit World Valkyries. Shenanigans will ensue. More to come, but in the meantime here's this gorgeous graphic from Bill:

Stay tuned for more, and stay safe and cool out there!

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