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Rise of the Valkyries...

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

I mean, I can't have the first ever Valkyries release and NOT use that line, right?

It's (almost) here!!! Tomorrow, Friday September 16, The Valkyries Initiative will be out in the world and the Valkyries spinoff will officially begin! You can keep an eye out for the logo below (created by the amazing Lee Dunning), which will mark the books accordingly.

So, what are we up to with the Valkyries?

First, of course there's this beauty:

The Valkyries Initiative is an anthology, with 15 stories from 15 authors. I asked for badass chicks who aren't Strong! Female! Characters! (you know the too-tropey-type - they're the bestest-best, they have no feelings, they're men with boobs, they take all the air out of the room in a no-fun way), and then a story that epitomizes who that chick is - or why she is the way she is.

A story that would suggest why they'd be tapped for the Valkyries Initiative.

Also tomorrow (Friday 9/16 at 9pm EST), you can come chat live with me and about half of the authors on our special book launch edition of Inside CKP. We'll talk about our stories, what's coming up, and there are guaranteed to be shenanigans.

To hold you over in the meantime, here's a little more from the book:

In Hit World, everything is legal—if you pay the right amount to the right person with the right paperwork. LifeEnders, Inc. has made a lot of money taking all kinds of targets off the board—everything from an annoying boss to a rampaging monster from another dimension.

But there are some things no contract can cover. When a rival organization threatens to eat LEI from the inside out, they’ll need something beyond their licensed Shooters to counter their new enemy.

They’ll need Valkyries.

Meet the first fifteen women who may be tapped for the Valkyries Initiative. Through murder, magic, and mayhem, these women might save the world… or end it.

When I tell you these authors delivered...

I mean, look at this table of contents:

Dear Cynthia by Marisa Wolf A Sure Bet by JD Blackrose

Glass Houses by Matt Novotny

Angel Wings and Demon Bones by Melissa Olthoff

Noah by Charity Ayres

The Troll Ate My Homework by Joelle Presby

Surprise by Becca Lee Gardner

Collateral by Mel Todd

Sacrifice by Kayla Krantz

The Target’s Blues by Kristi Bradley

A Void in the Noise by Jordan Comeaux

Valkyrie Rising by April Jones

Owl Job by Mary McKenna

Chooser of the Slain by Rob Howell

A Sense of Purpose by Kacey Ezell

WHEW. I love every story in this book, and I am so dang excited to hear what you think. Please let me know - and let me know your faves, who you can't wait to see next!

Because...there will be more!

Next will be The Spider, which will connect the main Hit World and Valkyries storyline and commence the in-universe spinoff. I already have a full Valkyries novel in my inbox (from the fantabulous Melissa Olthoff), so get ready for more Athena.

I'm working on a full length Valkyries novel, and then several of the authors from the anthology (and maybe some new faces besides...) will have feature-lengths as well.

Because the Valkyries are rising in answer to a growing, multi-dimensional threat. It's going to take more than one book - and more than one of our girls - to address it.

So stay tuned - because nothing in Hit World is easy, but dang it we're gonna have fun dealing with it.

(I'll update this on Friday with the link to the book - watch this space!)

UPDATE, FRIDAY 9/16: As promised, you can grab the book for yourself right here!

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