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Moving it all forward ("all")

Progress on my writing project list is my top priority these days. So far in 2021 I’ve written 3 short stories and about 10,000 words each across a couple of different novels.

Which means it's time to focus and get things done. Right now my goal is to have my remaining 4 short stories for this year drafted before we get back on the road. That way, once we’re RV’ing again I’ll be able to focus on one novel at a time (and all the resulting RV adventures, of course!).

We can do all the things! Just...spread out a little.

Jeremy’s keeping busy in the trailer while I’m doing all my writing (seriously, y’all – he’s so great). Previously, the RV was nice, but very many shades of brown that had no business going together, and also had a teenager-aged carpet.

So here we are, renovations in motion. Time for a sneak peek:

Jeremy should have it done soon, and I get to pop in and help on the rare occasions he needs it (for instance, my siblings and I have pulled approximately 80,000 staples out of the floor. My knuckles will never be the same). Which means my current writing goals are doable, if I stay on task. And I’m not going to lie – it’s a little harder to stay on task with the beautiful spring weather kicking in. How do you keep yourself focused?

My big treat to myself these days is driving out to the beach or getting into the woods. Partly it’s spending time in really beautiful natural settings, be they forest/mountain/ocean, and partly (as I maaay have mentioned before?) it’s collecting more treasures to add to my hoard.

For instance, a few weeks ago we went rockhounding and I came out with a collection of lovely rocks/minerals, a pottery shard that might be about 400 years old, and about 80 pictures of an absurdly calming stream.

The next day was an extra-productive writing day. Do you think I can get away with doing this every other day? Look at how fun the treasures are!

(I mean, the fact that I can only have so many treasures in an RV and alllso have to do more writing/working/etc. says no, do less of these trips, but that’s just logic. Who needs that?)

Do you hoard anything potentially impractical but that brings you great joy? If so, please always, always feel free to share such things with me. We can all be happy dragons together.

Also, with how much I love rocks it’s weird I haven’t written a story about, like, a xenogeologist, isn’t it? I might have to do something about that…

After I finish all these current projects, dang it!

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