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Moments of pause

Sometimes I forget how spectacular sunsets are.

I get busy, everything's a rush, everything's urgent, and of course it's winter-ish so daylight hours go by and then its night and I didn't even appreciate the in between and...

And it's a lot.

Have you seen the post about how you can't do your best 100% of the time (because if you did, it wouldn't be your best, it would be your average)? Someone brilliantly added to it that it's like the Enterprise (Star Trek, rental?) - she can go warp 9 when she has to, but if she only ever went warp 9, the engines would give out.

I'm committing to sunsets.

It doesn't mean I won't fill my days with "ahhhhhh busy!" because as previous posts have pointed out...that's kind of who I am as a person. But I'm trying to be more mindful of it, and build in a pause every day.

Hey, maybe someday I'll commit to sunrises, too, but see above in how I know who I am as a person, and that person enjoys sleeping in the early a.m. times.

This week is rainy and more gloom than pretty skies, but my plan is, weather permitting, to go outside and admire the sunset every day, at least until the end of the year.

That way even as I go barreling towards my next set of enthusiastically aggressive deadlines, I'm still taking at least one moment of pause a day. It makes me appreciate the rest of my time more - that kick down to warp 4, as it were.

What are you doing to take time for yourself after a weirdly long-and-short year?

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