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We've made our way east and north, and are in our spot for the next 6ish months. Unfortunately we outraced the nice weather, but it's catching up soon, I know it is!

A lot of rain and some freezing nights still, but spring is coming. Right? Of course it is. Ahem.

Our trip up involved FantaSci (as you may have seen in a previous post), and a few other fun adventures. My mom and I made our own candles (it was very science-y, and I loved it!), Jeremy and I bought an absurd amount of chocolate, I got a little writing done, and I took approximately eleventy-billion pictures of the pups playing outside and their resulting epic naps.

And now we're here! We're trying out workamping for the summer through the fall (workamping, if you're curious, is when you work a few hours at a campground in exchange for staying there for free). More adventures ahead, but right now with the uncertain not-quite-spring weather we're mostly learning about the campground and trying to get into some sort of routine.

Because it's writing time! I'm not...quite on track with my aggressive calendar, but I took stock earlier this week and I'm 3/4 done on several projects, 90% on another, and have a whole lot of planning done on two more. Which is great!

And also a sign that I really have to get finished on all those fronts, not just to the 3/4 mark. To that end, I recently challenged myself to an everyday write-and-be-active plan, and asked some of my fellow author friends if they wanted to join in.

We're about a week in, and so far...mostly good, on my side? I've been active every day (this is a pretty big deal for me after a very home-hibernatory winter (also hibernatory is definitely a word)), and I've done...something writing related every day. So that's progress.

What works for you in a self challenge? It's accountability for me - and not accountability to myself, which alas only works for a short amount of time. I need other people involved to self-motivate. Which I see how that conflicts, but...

Details, details. The challenge is mostly to kickstart me - shockingly, doing the same thing was not leading to different results. Mindblowing, right? And the six months leads about up to DragonCon, so hopefully I'll be feeling better and have some new things to announce by then.

If that's not a way to celebrate a DragonCon, I don't know what is.

So back to work with me - I hope your spring is more spring and less frigid mud! Well, unless you like that sort of thing... ;)

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