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Enough v. More

“Do I have enough?” This is a real question I asked my deeply patient husband after many hours wandering the beach earlier this week.

Yes, he told me as I continued to gather more mussels (and assorted other goodies) into my bags of treasures. And, I mean, the man was right. He usually is (please don’t tell him), but I default to ‘more,’ more often than not (as pictured)

Far too many mussel shells for my project and a whole lot of moonstones, rocks, shells, and a bit of sea glass

I was on a mussel-hunting trip to make these cool spirals I saw on pinterest, but of course I can’t go to the beach and not nerd out over everything I see. So I brought home extra. As I do.

Bright side, solid first attempt at my two spirals:

Fun, right? I might make a few more, because I have quite a few left over mussels.

This is also a reminder to myself that I’ll probably have to a purge before we hit the road again, given I have quite a few left over...everything.

Part of the plan for RV-ing was to help us simplify our lives – downsize and minimalize and figure out what’s important in terms of stuff vs experiences. It’s working! I mean...I still have all my books and assorted other too-important-to-immediately-pare-down things in storage, but I’m finding I don’t miss a lot of my stuff nearly as much as I thought I would.

I am, meanwhile, very much hoarding rocks and shells BUT bright side, I am equally happy gifting rocks and shells to friends and loved ones. This is a warning for those we visit, you might receive presents from my treasure hoard...I think that's balance?

I don’t think a perfect balance between ‘enough’ and ‘more’ exists – for me, it’s a constant negotiation. An ongoing act of finding balance, rather than something I’ll achieve and hold.

This definitely applies to my writing too – I’m always questioning if I’ve given enough detail, spelled something out enough/too much, or gone overboard in giving way more detail/background/explanation than the audience might want.

It’s a good tension to hold, because it makes me question everything that goes into the story and weigh if it belongs there. However – and this is a big however – the secret to my writing flow is weighing those things in my first round of edits, not in the process of writing the first draft.

Which means I’m practicing leaving a little more cushion between myself and my deadlines to have room for that and stop trying to edit the first draft as it's...drafting. Getting done well ahead of deadlines is the new plan!

Right after this next one…

Is there anywhere you’re finding/keeping your balance between ‘more’ and ‘enough?’ I’m always here for your tips and stories!

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