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ASSASSIN is here

One amazing perk of writing in a (fabulous, well-established, popular) shared universe is that there are already fans. And sometimes those fans get so excited about an upcoming novel that your super cool publisher says heck with it and releases your book a day early.

Assassin is out! The first reviews are in! And they are so, so great - readers, fellow authors, publishing-moguls have taken time to tell us what they loved, update us on progress, and in general be an incredible group of supporters.

I've been pretty giddy today. Well, giddy and also trapped at a car dealership for 7 hours, but, you know, ultimately they fixed my car and took care of me and MY FIRST BOOK CAME OUT TODAY so, yeah. Counting that as a win.

Now I guess I have to stop refreshing Amazon like the baby author I am and go do some work.

Or, you more time can't hurt...

#catsassins #wroteabookyall #hopeyouloveit

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