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It is -- finally -- spring in New England, and we're making the most of it. We headed up to Maine for a few days, and have buzzed around to various roadside ice creameries in Connecticut, and I've even managed to write outside a few times.

Not this past weekend though, during which is was 90+ degrees for absolutely no reason (context: it had been in the 50s right before it jumped to the 90s. No thanks. But we're back to respectable 60s/70s, so happiness is restored).

Other very exciting things have happened. Liiiiiiike - a release date for The Valkyries Initiative!

On September 16, Hit World: The Valkyries Initiative will be live in the world. YESSSSSSSS. That means there will be more reveals to come, but in the meantime, how about a new interview with an awesome Valkyries author?

Interview with Kayla Krantz:

  • What do you write and why do you write it?

I write a variety of genres ranging from horror to paranormal to literary fiction. I like to dabble with different ideas and styles because I have a lot of stories to tell.

  • What do you want people to know about your stories?

The common theme throughout most of my work is the darkness to the plot and themes in the story. I classify most of my work as “dark fiction” for this very reason.

  • What book do you love to recommend or are you super into right now?

My absolute favorite book of all time is “The Dark Half” by Stephen King. I love the way he showed the war of good and evil that happens inside of all of us. It’s so true.

Speed round

  • What’s your theme song? That’s a good one. If I had to choose, I’d say “Devil in Me” by Halsey

  • What’s your go-to game night choice? Scrabble

  • What sitcom would you star in? My favorite sitcoms are older shows, so I would say something like Friends or The Office.

  • What is/are your favorite treat(s)? My favorite writing snack would have to be some sort of chocolate and a Monster energy drink.

  • Team Beach or Team mountains? Mountains

  • What are your favorite pizza toppings? Mushrooms and ham.

  • What fictional character would you choose as a mentor? There’s too many good characters in the world to be able to choose just one. If I had to though I’d go with Hermione Granger!

  • Are you a morning or night person? Night person for sure.

About your Valkyrie:

  • How would you introduce your Valkyrie?

She’s a serious-minded girl with a heart of gold. Life hasn’t been kind to her, but she doesn’t stop that from letting her be kind to those who deserve it. For those who don’t? Watch out.

  • Three words that describe your Valkyrie:

Down to Earth

  • What inspired the development of your character and/or the plot of your story?

The idea for Maisy’s internal struggle came from the experience that I’ve had of living in poverty. Struggling to make basic needs can make some people consider doing things they wouldn’t otherwise do. In this idea, I wanted to show that the dilemma that some people crumble under can help others to shine.

  • What actor(s) would be perfect to play one of your characters?

Anya Taylor-Joy would be a perfect Maisy.

  • What's your favorite thing about Hit World, your Valkyrie, or badass ladies in general?

My favorite thing about Maisy is that in spite of all the terrible things she has to do, she wants to keep her heart, her humanity, and would rather risk her life than lose it by doing something she can’t take back.

  • Where can people find you?

I can be found on my website or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Just search my name, and I’ll come up 😊

  • Kayla was very kind and said she couldn't think of a question I should have asked but didn't -- but what I should have asked is: What do you have out right now that people should read?

Because then I would have shared this! You can check it out here, and get some action packed greatness in your day.

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