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All the projects!

Assassin currently has 50 reviews (all 5-star!) on Amazon, and 93 ratings on Goodreads (average 4.85), and the not-secret-secret is it makes me giddy that people are enjoying it.

Which is what I remind myself while staring at all my new scrivener files, because I have projects. Plural! Mostly I want to look at gifs and scroll through instagram, but turns out I have work to do.

Just finished a short story, have two more on deck, working on a space opera novel, and there's, you know, the sequel to Assassin too.

Yessss, Kacey and I are working on Hunter, because really there can never be enough #catsassins in the world.

And there's contract work happening, in non-writing work happenings, so my calendar went a little...

Thank goodness I learned about scheduling from the best, and it's all stuff I'm really excited about. Hopefully you'll enjoy it too (I mean, maybe not the contract work, but maybe! I don't know your life).

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