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Aggressive Calendars

a three part venn diagram with the number 42 in the middle. the three circles of the venn diagram are life, the universe, and everything

Happy June, friends. This year seems to be zipping by, which is a...dramatic difference to how I experienced time last year. How's it going for you? Same as usual, or are you also feeling a measure of confusion that we're here already?

Bright side: June is my birthday month, so confused or not, I'm pretty excited to be here. This is my Hitchhiker's Guide birthday (hint above if that didn't make sense to you) so I expect to be full of more wisdom than usual. Or hilarity.

Other bright side, I made my official, very aggressive writing calendar for the next few months. With time charging ahead all willy nilly, I had to do something to feel like I had a measure of control over it, and so the aggressive calendar happened.

Bright side the third, if I hit this ambitious/aggresive goals, I'll be on track for getting the things I need doing done, which will definitely be a great feeling.

Things like a heist story in the Salvage System shared universe, a post-apocalyptic short AND novel in the Fallen World shared universe, the novel Ally with the fabulous Kacey Ezell in the Four Horseman shared universe, two other secrety-secret short stories, and one secrety-secret fantasy novel.

So it's an exciting couple of months/rest of the year I have ahead. All the writing is happening, AND Jeremy has made awesome progress in the camper, so we have our first round of campground reservations made. Pictures to come on that soon, but in the meantime:

You know how I mentioned Ally? Kacey and I are working on it, and book three of the Depik trilogy should be completed by early fall. As a lovely piece of inspiration, I had the opportunity to commission this glorious piece from an incredible artist, Christine Dorsett.

Look at that beauty!! I saw an awesome piece by Christine at FantaSci, and she was gracious enough to turn this around so that it'll be the first thing I hang in my new camper-based writing nook! She's open for commissions, so if you want some of her fabulousness in your life, let me know and I'll pass on her contact information.

Something about cool art - a physical representation of what I'm working on, directly or indirectly - keeps me going in the face of potentially crazy goals.

What keeps you going when time seems to speed up in less-than-helpful ways? I'm always up for your pointers and thoughts!

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Barbara V. Evers
Barbara V. Evers
Jun 11, 2021

Your calendar makes me tired just reading it!

Marisa Wolf
Marisa Wolf
Jun 12, 2021
Replying to

😂😂😂 I think that's the appropriate response...

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