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The Valkyries Initiative


(Hit World Valkyries - the beginning!)

In Hit World, everything is legal—if you pay the right amount to the right person with the right paperwork. LifeEnders, Inc. has made a lot of money taking all kinds of targets off the board—everything from an annoying boss to a rampaging monster from another dimension.

But there are some things no contract can cover. When a rival organization threatens to eat LEI from the inside out, they’ll need something beyond their licensed Shooters to counter their new enemy.

They’ll need Valkyries.

Meet the first fifteen women who may be tapped for the Valkyries Initiative. Through murder, magic, and mayhem, these women might save the world… or end it.

With stories by:
Marisa Wolf
JD Blackrose
Matt Novotny
Melissa Olthoff
Charity Ayres
Joelle Presby
Becca Lee Gardner
Mel Todd
Kayla Krantz
Kristi Bradley
Jordan Comeaux
April Kelley Jones
Mary McKenna
Rob Howell
Kacey Ezell

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Reviewers for Marisa's books are saying: 

"Holy F@%! that was powerful."

"I broke my composure at 30,000 feet."


"The story, the characters, the emotional affect is deep and lasting. You will enjoy having this in your collection. I did not want to set it down once i started reading it. I cried more than once."


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